Friday, May 21, 2010

Know Your Place!

Still can't get your business onto Google page 1?

Google Places is a feature that will get your business listed on a map that appears on page 1 of Google. And it's FREE!

When someone initates a Google search, a map appears with locations pinpointed with a link to an informational page with details such as your contact info, description, business categories, operation hours, payment options, photos, videos, custom info and even a hyperlink to your own web page. You can even add coupons to your Google Places listing.

In addition, Google offers a personalized dashboard within Google Places that includes data about how many times people have found your business on Google, what keywords they used to find it and even what areas people traveled from to visit your business. This great marketing tool can help you make decisions within your own business. You can concentrate your efforts to fill the demands that Google search says people are looking for.

My clients have moved to page 1, you can easily do so too. Please contact me if you need assistance with Google Places.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Number 11 Is Bad For Business

When conducting an online search, the first page on Google includes 10 entries. The click through rate to page 2 is an astonishing low 0.66%.



Number 11 gets you to the top of page 2, but realistically, less than 1% of your potential customers will ever see your listing.

There are 2 distinct ways to get on Google page 1

1. Google Adwords. With this method, you set your own daily budget and you pay a set amount for certain search words that your customers may use when looking for your service or product. This can cost as low as a couple pennies per click, up to over $50 per click.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This method involves many different "tune ups" to your website, many of which I discussed previously. Executed properly, your website can move up to page 1.

Here are some websites I designed and preformed my magic with SEO. Listed first is the website, next are the key words that potential customers would most likely use.

Black Eyed Pig Restaurant Naples Barbecue Restaurant
Ardent Manor Naples Adult Day Care
Mega Kids Naples Naples Childrens Furniture
Clearview Naples Naples Retractable Screens
Dave Horton Advertising Naples Advertising Agency

There are many ad agencies below me in Google rankings that brag about their SEO talents. Why are they not above me in their own category?

If your website is #11 (or worse), please contact me for a free consultation. I can give you a few pointers on how you can improve your Google rankings yourself.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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