Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Logo Art From Any Company

Have you ever faced a dead end when searching on line for a company logo? Say you are working on a project and the logo art provided for you is low resolution and can't be used. Maybe you need your favorite sport's team logo in high resolution.

Brands of the World is the world's largest library of brand logos in vector format available to download for free.

After creating an account, simply type in the company's name in the search area and the vector logo and variations of it will appear. Then click download and save the logo to your file.

Be sure to read the intellectual property of the copyright rules associated with use of any logo.

Dave Horton
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Easiest Way To Fix Photo Red-Eye

An otherwise great photo is ruined by red-eye. You don't have Photoshop, and you try to color the eyes with a cheap Paint program, only to find your efforts makes your subjects look like Zombies.

A FREE and easy way to fix red eye is by using Picnik, an online photo editing service. See how I edited a photo using Picnik.

1. Go to the Picnik website and click Get Started Now!, then on the next page click Upload a photo.

2. Once your photo is displayed, tell Picnik whether the subject is a human or furball.

3. Hover the tool above each eye and click once. Picnik automatically fixes each eye.

4. Save photo. It's that easy!

Picnik also offers other photo editing tools such as cropping, rotating, color adjustments, exposure and auto-fix.

If you have difficult photo restoration that can't be solved with Picnik, please contact me, as I can do cool stuff like eliminate ex-spouses out of family photos or add a person to a staff photo who was absent on picture day.

Dave Horton
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Not Just Pay To Be #1

As I discussed in a previous blog, being on Google Page 1 is very important if you wish to reach your target market. There are two ways to get to Page 1, either by natural search listing, or pay to appear on Page 1.

Effective natural search listing is done through skillful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using proper meta tags, keywords and other tools.

Sponsored links are pay-per-click listings that appear on Google page 1, usually on the right side of the page or in a pink box. No SEO work is needed to achieve this ideal position.

It's easier to pay and get results immediately, but is this the correct decision?

A recent Google study found that searchers were 72% more likely to click on a listing that is naturally ranked than a pay-per-click listing.

Searchers know that natural listings have been vetted by a secret Google algorithm which ranks sites by relevance. Searcher know a naturally listed site is more relevant because it's position was earned, not bought.

Why I am most qualified to build your website or tune up your existing poor performing site?
As an exercise, type "Naples Advertising Agency" into Google.

You will find my company in the all-important Page 1 Position. My #1 position is extra cool since advertising agencies are the pros at SEO. There are many ad agencies below me in Google that brag about their SEO talents. Why are they not above me in their own category?

Dave Horton
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stimulating Sign Savings

Across America, every road project paid for with federal stimulus money will have one detail in common: a big green sign that advertises your tax dollars at work.

In New York, the biggest, 84-square-foot signs could cost up to $8,300 each to make ($98 per square foot.)

I could save the taxpayers of New York $7,208 per sign as I can make an 84 square foot sign for only $1092 ($13 per square foot.) In addition, I could bring commute time pleasure to motorists with a more pleasing and logically arranged sign, like this one I designed for a construction client in Naples.

My signs are created on my desktop computer using the latest graphics programs, and outputted on full color vinyl, laminated and mounted on either treated wood, PVC board or metal. Signs I create include a 3 year full warranty.

When calling for your next sign, please ask the sign company how much a sign costs per square foot. If their cost is over $13 per square foot, you are paying too much, like the tax payers in New York.

See some additional signs I've designed and installed on my website.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Know Your Place!

Still can't get your business onto Google page 1?

Google Places is a feature that will get your business listed on a map that appears on page 1 of Google. And it's FREE!

When someone initates a Google search, a map appears with locations pinpointed with a link to an informational page with details such as your contact info, description, business categories, operation hours, payment options, photos, videos, custom info and even a hyperlink to your own web page. You can even add coupons to your Google Places listing.

In addition, Google offers a personalized dashboard within Google Places that includes data about how many times people have found your business on Google, what keywords they used to find it and even what areas people traveled from to visit your business. This great marketing tool can help you make decisions within your own business. You can concentrate your efforts to fill the demands that Google search says people are looking for.

My clients have moved to page 1, you can easily do so too. Please contact me if you need assistance with Google Places.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Number 11 Is Bad For Business

When conducting an online search, the first page on Google includes 10 entries. The click through rate to page 2 is an astonishing low 0.66%.



Number 11 gets you to the top of page 2, but realistically, less than 1% of your potential customers will ever see your listing.

There are 2 distinct ways to get on Google page 1

1. Google Adwords. With this method, you set your own daily budget and you pay a set amount for certain search words that your customers may use when looking for your service or product. This can cost as low as a couple pennies per click, up to over $50 per click.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This method involves many different "tune ups" to your website, many of which I discussed previously. Executed properly, your website can move up to page 1.

Here are some websites I designed and preformed my magic with SEO. Listed first is the website, next are the key words that potential customers would most likely use.

Black Eyed Pig Restaurant Naples Barbecue Restaurant
Ardent Manor Naples Adult Day Care
Mega Kids Naples Naples Childrens Furniture
Clearview Naples Naples Retractable Screens
Dave Horton Advertising Naples Advertising Agency

There are many ad agencies below me in Google rankings that brag about their SEO talents. Why are they not above me in their own category?

If your website is #11 (or worse), please contact me for a free consultation. I can give you a few pointers on how you can improve your Google rankings yourself.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Good First Impression for $59

Your first impression to a potential client will usually determines whether he will do business with you in the future or not. Your business card is an inexpensive self-promotion tool that allow you to stand out from the pack and give yourself an edge. A well designed business card printed on a quality card stock shows that you value the quality of your work and that you are likely to offer the same service to customers. A poorly designed card on cheap paper serves as a warning to others that you cut corners promoting yourself, and will probably do the same with customer's work.

"I can do it myself. I have Publisher!" I hear many say when I offer to design and print cards for them. Most times their well intended efforts yield poor results after many hours of frustration and wasted time.

Below offers a typical example of a home made card a client put together and the card I designed and printed for him.

I design, assemble and print 1000 business cards printed on 14pt. UV coated card stock (the glossy cards) for only $59. This offer is extended to anyone in the United States.

Become a follower of my blog in the month of April. On May 1st, a random follower will receive 1000 FREE Business Cards.

Dave Horton
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please Stand By

A great way to save 50% - 80% off regular advertising rates is by running a "Stand-By Ad".

A stand-by ad is a print advertisement that a newspaper or magazine uses when, hours before press run, "holes" in the publication appear that requires ads for filler. If you submit a stand-by ad and it is ready to print, the ad can run at a huge discount.

The downside, of course, is that there is no guarantee your ad will appear on any given day.

It is important that your stand-by ad catches the eye of the reader. This can be achieved by utilizing the services of a graphic designer who uses basic design principles effectively. Please see a selection of ads I've designed on my website. Please contact me, and I will design and assemble your stand-by ad. In addition, I will also negotiate fees with your local publication.

Please Stand By.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Business Lifesaver

When the real estate market crashed, so did my business. I was in real trouble, as my builders and developers stopped operations. I needed to find new clients, quickly!

A friend suggested a networking group called BNI (Business Networking International) because BNI help grow his business. I was skeptical, because I had been a member of various business groups in the past, which was great for happy hour fun, but not for increasing my customer base.

BNI became a business life saver for me. The group I joined has about 25 members, all representing different occupations. I became the exclusive Advertising Agency of the group and was afforded the weekly opportunity to share with the group details of what I do, and what type of referrals I am seeking. The other members became my sales team, and they responded with many great leads for me. In return, I've been able to pass along many leads to the others in my group, as I've made countless business contacts throughout the 25 years I've been in Naples.

The results? At the conclusion of my first year in BNI, revenue generated through referrals totaled over 20 times my membership investment.

The secret? BNI trains members how to ask for referrals properly, and also how to listen and respond to other's requests efficiently. There is no shame in asking others for help. This was not the case in the other business groups I've associated with.

BNI is not exclusive to Naples. Groups can be found in anywhere. BNI rules allow 2 free visits before you are asked to decide to join.

I highly recommend you do.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why I Am So Narrow Minded

If everyone is your customer, then no one is your customer.

That is, if you fail to focus your message to a specific group that is interested in your product, you will waste time, effort and money trying to reach those that have no interest in what you are selling.

Let's say, for example, you are selling new glow-in-the dark baseballs.

If you use a poor "shotgun" approach to selling (marketing to the masses), you would use the following logic..."I need to sell a lot of glow-in-the-dark baseballs, so I will run ads in the publication with the highest circulation."

In order to reach your target buyers for glow-in-the-dark baseballs more effectively, I would suggest the following...

1. Identify your market. In this case it would be children who play baseball.

2. Narrow your focus and identify specility magazines that children read or parents of children who play baseball read, then insert a strong ad. See my offer below if you wish to receive a comprehensive list of niche publications that reach your target market.

3. Design a highly visible banner and hang it on the outfield wall at the local Little League ball park.

4. Run an eye catching ad in the local minor league baseball team program.

These simple marketing examples will enable you to direct your message to baseball families at a much more reasonable cost and offer a greater response in return than the "shotgun" approach.

Every business has different clientele, assets and budget. That is why it is important to consult a marketing expert before you summon random hordes of salespeople into your office.

I offer FREE consultations and recommendations to improve your sales. In addition, I always include a cost quote to implement my plans.

When it comes to advertising, I am very narrow minded, and I encourage my clients to be narrow minded too.

If you click the button to the right and become a follower to my weekly blog, I will send you a link to a great website that offers a long list of niche magazines and publications that appeal to most all demographics.

Dave Horton
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Monday, March 1, 2010

4 Tips That Saved a Business

Carl's BBQ restaurant was struggling. Even though his small diner was located on a major through road, customers didn't know he was there. He contacted me last summer and asked for advice. Here are the 4 marketing tips I recommended...

1. Change your restaurant's name. Carl's Classic Cafe does not indicate BBQ.
Solution - He changed the name of the restaurant to Black Eyed Pig BBQ.

2. Design a strong, immediately recognizable logo that gave his restaurant credibility and provided customers with a sense of familiarity and comfort.
Solution - I designed the Black Eyed Pig logo.

3. Install HUGE, highly visible signs. His strongest asset was his location, and by simply letting people know he is there and open would certainly generate sales.
Solution - I designed large aluminum signs that were installed on the roof facade. I also installed 5 foot high, bright orange B-B-Q vinyl letters on the windows.

4. Generate a web presence.
Solution - I designed and assembled a website for him, locked in a solid domain name and installed keywords in his code that got him onto page one on Google within weeks.

The results...
Carl's traffic has increased 4 fold since my recommendations were implemented. His business has been so overwhelming, he is thinking of opening a second diner, even in this weak economy.

Every business has different clientele, assets and budget. What worked for Carl may not work for the next restaurant down the road. That is why it is important to consult a marketing expert before you drop a nickel on advertising. I offer FREE consultations and recommendations to improve your sales. In addition, I always include a cost quote to implement my plans.

After following my recommendations, you will clearly discover my advertising and marketing services are not an expense, but a wise investment in your company.

Ask Carl.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's Been Visiting Your Website?

Now that your keywords are in place and your website is live, you now wonder if anyone is actually visiting the site. A recommended and FREE tool to monitor traffic to your site is Google Analytics. You can view a daily report of hits to your website, bounce rates (how many people come to your homepage and leave without clicking to another page) and average time spent on your site. In addition, you can see a map of the world that indicates where your hits are coming from and most importantly, Google Analytics shows you which search engine words people use to find your website.

How do you set up and use Google Analytics?

Step 1: Set Up Your Account
In order to use Google Analytics, you will need to set up an account. Go to The steps are easy to follow, and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Insert The Google Analytics Code Into Your Web Pages
After you finish registration, you will receive a wacky code. This code needs to be inserted into the HTLM on your website. Simply find the < / body > tag near the bottom of your page and insert the code above it. You will need to do this on every page of your website. If the last two sentences are jibberish to you, simply email the code to your webmaster. He will know what it is and how to install it.

Step 3: Anaylize Your Website Performance
The day after installing your code, go to your Google Analytics page. In the center of the page is a section titled Website Profiles. Click on the View Reports link. This will bring you to the Dashboard. This is where all the information is stored. I recommend bookmarking this page for easy daily access.

This information will show your where your customers are coming from and which search words they used to find you. This information allows you focus your efforts towards reaching those and like customers.

See a selection of websites I've designed and assembled.

If you wish to automatically receive more of these quick advertising tips, become a follower of my blog by clicking the button to the right.

Dave Horton
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Steps To Improve Your Website's Google Ranking

You've just taken your new website live and now you wait for the phone to ring. Only it doesn't. Your site is on the web, but no one can find it. What did you forget to do? How do you get eyeballs on your website?

The answer is "You need to insert effective keywords into your website code."

"Wait a second...I don't know anything about code. That stuff is Chinese to me!"

Relax, there is very little you need to know about code to enhance your search engine ranking. Following these 5 steps will help your website ascend to or near the top on Google and other search engine rankings.

1. Assemble a list of words or phrases (20 - 50) that customers would use on a search engine when they look for your business, including your city and state location.

2. Type in a few of those words or phrases into the search engine and see who's website comes up first.

3. Right click onto the website that comes up on top and look for the "View Source" command. A bunch of code will appear. Somewhere near the top of all that crazy code should be a line that begins "META name", then "keywords", then "content="

4. After the "content=" appears a series of keywords your competitor has used to propel him to the top of the search engines. Note these keywords and assimilate them into the list of keywords you've already assembled.

5. Ask your webmaster to insert these new keywords in your website code. Make sure he does this on every page of your site. He should then resubmit your site to the search engines.

Don't expect immediate results, as your ranking will advance depending on numerous factors, one being the amount of local competition you have. In future blogs, I will explain other methods to even further enhance your search engine rankings.

Thanks for reading and following my blog. The 1st person to email me at will receive a complimentary keyword evaluation.

Dave Horton
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Don't Need A Logo

I've met many business people who hand me a Office Max produced business card with a smiling, large headed retro cartoon guy smiling with his thumb up and a twinkle on his tooth. This stale clip art posing as a company logo immediately tells me that the person gave no thought to how poorly he is presenting himself to potential clients.

When I offer to design a logo for them, I'm usually assured "I don't need a logo."

Why do you need a logo?

1. A good logo lends a corporate look to a small business. Home made logos scream "small-time vendor" and your clients will regard you as such.

2. A good logo gives your business an immediate recognizable identity. It will enable your company stand out in the crowded market.

3. A good logo offers stability for clients or customers who feel more comfortable looking for a well-defined company, and "look and feel" may be one of their criteria for making a decision.

4. A good logo makes you to stand out in your field. A good logo can put you far above the competition, especially when paired with a strong identity program which includes corresponding business cards, letterhead, print advertising, company website, vehicle signage and storefront signage.

5. A good logo strongly hints or explains what your business is and how it can help your clients.

During the 20 years I've been in business, I've designed hundreds of logos for Naples and Southwest Florida businesses, starting with a Rollsafe logo contest I won in 1990. Many examples of logos I've created can be found on my website.

Thanks for reading the 1st entry into my new company blog. The 1st person to email me will receive a FREE company logo design.

Do you need a logo?

Dave Horton
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