Monday, March 1, 2010

4 Tips That Saved a Business

Carl's BBQ restaurant was struggling. Even though his small diner was located on a major through road, customers didn't know he was there. He contacted me last summer and asked for advice. Here are the 4 marketing tips I recommended...

1. Change your restaurant's name. Carl's Classic Cafe does not indicate BBQ.
Solution - He changed the name of the restaurant to Black Eyed Pig BBQ.

2. Design a strong, immediately recognizable logo that gave his restaurant credibility and provided customers with a sense of familiarity and comfort.
Solution - I designed the Black Eyed Pig logo.

3. Install HUGE, highly visible signs. His strongest asset was his location, and by simply letting people know he is there and open would certainly generate sales.
Solution - I designed large aluminum signs that were installed on the roof facade. I also installed 5 foot high, bright orange B-B-Q vinyl letters on the windows.

4. Generate a web presence.
Solution - I designed and assembled a website for him, locked in a solid domain name and installed keywords in his code that got him onto page one on Google within weeks.

The results...
Carl's traffic has increased 4 fold since my recommendations were implemented. His business has been so overwhelming, he is thinking of opening a second diner, even in this weak economy.

Every business has different clientele, assets and budget. What worked for Carl may not work for the next restaurant down the road. That is why it is important to consult a marketing expert before you drop a nickel on advertising. I offer FREE consultations and recommendations to improve your sales. In addition, I always include a cost quote to implement my plans.

After following my recommendations, you will clearly discover my advertising and marketing services are not an expense, but a wise investment in your company.

Ask Carl.

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  1. Dave this is great advice which is why I come to you. Thanks for the great job on my vinyl sign at Art-Faux Designs