Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's Been Visiting Your Website?

Now that your keywords are in place and your website is live, you now wonder if anyone is actually visiting the site. A recommended and FREE tool to monitor traffic to your site is Google Analytics. You can view a daily report of hits to your website, bounce rates (how many people come to your homepage and leave without clicking to another page) and average time spent on your site. In addition, you can see a map of the world that indicates where your hits are coming from and most importantly, Google Analytics shows you which search engine words people use to find your website.

How do you set up and use Google Analytics?

Step 1: Set Up Your Account
In order to use Google Analytics, you will need to set up an account. Go to www.google.com/analytics/ The steps are easy to follow, and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Insert The Google Analytics Code Into Your Web Pages
After you finish registration, you will receive a wacky code. This code needs to be inserted into the HTLM on your website. Simply find the < / body > tag near the bottom of your page and insert the code above it. You will need to do this on every page of your website. If the last two sentences are jibberish to you, simply email the code to your webmaster. He will know what it is and how to install it.

Step 3: Anaylize Your Website Performance
The day after installing your code, go to your Google Analytics page. In the center of the page is a section titled Website Profiles. Click on the View Reports link. This will bring you to the Dashboard. This is where all the information is stored. I recommend bookmarking this page for easy daily access.

This information will show your where your customers are coming from and which search words they used to find you. This information allows you focus your efforts towards reaching those and like customers.

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